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Take charge of your health experience.

Feel good about contributing to the health community and receive reliable and secure data. Patients and Providers should have the latest info in the palms of their hands.

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  • HIPPA Secure Protocol
  • Location-Based Data
  • First-Hand Experiences
  • Helping Providers and Patients

Manage Workforce

Providers can have Physicians, Nurses, NPs and PAs manage a patient's needs on our platform through a secure connection to a single provider portal

Live Messaging

Connect with experts in order to manage chronic conditions, receive appointment and medication reminders and connect with an online support community


Pricing data based on your city and state for the most reliable information on how much treatments and services should be costing you as a patient

Upload Data

A full HIPAA compliant platform allows you to share your info securely and send encrypted messages directly to a provider or patient

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Trusted to innovate HealthTech for our future.

We create applications that solve everyday user problems in the healthcare space so that you never have to grapple with technology. Patients and providers can put treatments first instead.


Our HealthForce platform allows providers to create their own community on our servers where patients can connect with practioners and a support system of individuals who share common experiences.

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By integrating our mobile experiences with daily workflows, providers can create a bridge for patients who feel left out of the discussion


Our team of experts will help run a trial of our HealthForce services for no additional cost in one of your departments

Knowledge Base

Connect with patients in HealthForce communities in order to learn more about your condition and to target and achieve goals

Nurse Call

Connect with your provider with the touch of a button and receive a response based on your condition urgency

Products Overview

We packed on the features for our beta test. Our HealthForce application is a communication tool for doctors and patients that also provides access to patient support communities. CareCheck is a pricing and treatment data tool to help patients, insurers and employers manage their healthcare costs.

We are on a mission

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Please follow up with us on our mission to change the landscape of America's healthcare system. We are building the tools needed to make an impact.

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Contact us to learn more about our products and services. If you are a provider looking to join our private beta program, send us a message below.

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  • 5816 Creedmoor Rd, Second Fl
    Raleigh, NC
    27612 - 2310
  • admin@aristotlehealth.com

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While in beta we strive to create the best digital tools for healthcare providers and consumers. Feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions you may have.

We want to ensure that our products are beneficial to patients in their treatment and recovery. Working with providers gives us a chance to explore how our services can be a part of daily workflows. We also have plans to expand to the general public by adding Nutrition and Exercise communities on our HealthForce platform.

Because of strict regulation of healthcare information we urge you to stay anonymous on our platform. Although we do not store your identifiable information long-term ourselves, we still operate our lines using HIPAA encryption.

Please feel free to contact us and a member of our Provider Specialist Team will reach out to you to schedule a demo and information session.

As a patient you can contirbute to one of our HealthForce communities that provides a knowledge base of first-hand experiences. You can also contribute to our databse of pricing and treatment information based on services you have received.